Friday, March 18, 2011

by Kate Richards

stolen, liberated, BORROWED from the Decadent 1Night Stand blog.

Last summer, while hanging out with a couple of my favorite online authors, we had a wonderful idea, to write a few stories about a unique dating service. We thought that a situation where, for reasons of their own, ordinary people wanted to have one great night, no strings attached. We had a few thoughts about why that might be and so Valerie Mann, Olivia Starke and I agreed to each write a story about what we thought might happen under those circumstances. 

The Mysterious Madame Evangeline, owner of 1NightStand, is without peer in her gift at matching lovers for a 1NightStand, and always gives her clients more of an experience than they would have dreamed possible. Most of the dates happen at one of the fabulous Castillo Hotels and Resorts scattered around the world, with several at luxurious Castillo Las Vegas, Jackson Castillo’s flagship hotel, right on the Vegas Strip.

When we presented our idea to Decadent Publishing, we were given the green light to invite other authors to contribute to the series. To date there are more than a dozen stories accepted and a second series focusing on GLBT on the way.

Virgin and the Playboy was my first contribution to the series, although I have another in the works. Check it out and see what happens when a girl who was too consumed with her education and getting started in business to pay attention to her love life meets a guy who dates a different girl every week. And who has no idea he’s got a virgin for a 1 Night Stand.

Kate’s The Virgin and the Playboy as well as the other stories currently released are available at or at your favorite online bookstore!


  1. I love the idea and am off to read more :)

  2. I love LOVE the covers! I can't wait to see more!