Valerie Mann is the superwoman every woman tries to be...mother of five attractive, successful children, vixen in and out of the bedroom, runway model fashionista, extreme gardener, and just recently crashed onto bestseller lists as a romance author.

In real life, Valerie is the mother of five lovely, but ordinary children. Sure, she's a vixen in and out of the bedroom, which explains the herd of kids. The closest she gets to a runway is an airport, and while she thinks gardens of all sorts are wonderful, she figures that hobby can wait until retirement, if her knees last that long. And that crashing you heard was Valerie collapsing on the couch at the end of a very long day. 

As for romance, she writes and likes to think she can tell an amazing tale of love or two. Her husband of nearly thirty years won't read her stories because they make him blush, but is content in the knowledge he's the inspiration for every one of them.

Valerie currently works as a managing editor for an electronic publisher and is the co-owner of a company that provides editing services for writers.

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