Thursday, October 29, 2009

I DARE YOU - a Halloween story

Second Place Winner for Published Author Halloween Short Story Contest at Mistress Bella Reviews!!

This story was originally published on Mistress Bella Review site. It's a sweet YA story.


“Truth or dare, Kate,” Ashley said.

Oh, I hated the way her eyes gleamed with twisted pleasure and I so knew what she was going to ask me. And she knew I would take the dare because I would never tell her what she so desperately wanted to know. I was definitely going to suffer before this sleepover was over.

The five of us had arranged our sleeping bags in the tent like spokes on a wheel, with the lantern in the middle. I batted a moth away from my face and glared at Ashley. We’d been friends since elementary school. But right then, I wanted to punch her lights out. Instead, I said, “Dare.”

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