Monday, October 19, 2009


From Whipped Cream Erotic Romance reviews - 4 1/2 cherries:

If there’s one thing I learned while reading Hide and Seek, it’s this: A childhood game has never been so fun, naughty, or hot!! Valerie Mann has written a deliciously wicked short erotic story that tugs at your heart and will have you clamoring for more...Read entire review HERE

From You Gotta Read Reviews - You Gotta Read highest rating:

Hide and Seek was a very cleverly written story with humor, sexual tension and wit. The characters were full of fun and I just can't get my mind off of Nick, sorry! If I could have conjured up my ideal man, Ms. Mann, has described him to a T! You know how you can pick up a book and it's just a perfect fit? This was that book for me. It was exciting to read and something I couldn't put it down. Hide and Seek is a lighthearted, lively, fast and fun read with great characters who are likeable and engaging and sharp dialogue. I found this book to be very addictive...Read entire review HERE


  1. Valerie, I've been meaning to pick Hide & Seek up. Now I know I NEED to! I can only hope my book does half as well when it comes out. That you're going to have a brilliant career is something all writers wish to hear...Congratulations! :)

  2. Thank you, Cari! Join my Facebook Fan page and tell me about your new book (and post your cover while there!) ~ Valerie Mann