Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1Night Stand BLOG HOP! July 5th - 8th!

 Who is this Madame Eve, Anyway?

Since Kate Richards, Olivia Starke and I came up with the 1Night Stand concept two years ago this month, Madame Eve, the proprietor of the fictional has been busy! To date, she has a documented list of over 125 love matches that you can read from Decadent Publishing!

View the complete list HERE

The first 1Night Stand book, To Feel Again (by yours truly, natch) was released in early April 2011. That’s just over a year ago! Kate and Olivia’s books soon followed and the rest was history. This series has been amazingly popular. Evidently, readers love the idea of a match between strangers (typically) who find that instant connection. The matching services on TV don’t have anything on this dating service!

But who is Madame Eve?

Nobody really knows, except for Jackson and Jagger Castillo, the owners of the Castillo Hotel & Resort chain where many of the 1NS stories take place. They’ve both spoken to her, but as far as we know, they’re the only ones on the planet to have done so. She did blog one time and revealed enough about herself that we know enough to be even more curious:


Here’s what we do know about Madame Eve:

1.   She’s French. And she’s a pure romantic at heart.
2.   She’s mysterious. We don’t know how old she is, or how she does what she does. But man, can that lady figure out who needs who (or is that whom?). She knows what most lovers need before they know it themselves.
3.   She’s a one-woman show. She runs the 1Night Stand dating service with a velvet-covered iron glove. You know how those French women can be. Don’t mess with her, she’s got a job to do.
4.   She does a great job.

Here’s what we don’t know about her:

1.   Where she lives.
2.   What she looks like.
3.   How old she is.
4.   Where she learned to do what she does so well.

It drives authors crazy not to know very much about her. They constantly and sneakily try to insert the answers to their own questions into their manuscripts. Kate Richards and I are the editors for 1NS and like Eve, we rule the series with a velvet-covered iron glove. Don’t mess with Eve. Don’t make her something she’s not. She’s mysterious for a reason, we like it that way, and so does she.

What may seem odd to others but not so much to us is that through the many authors who have written 1NS stories, they’ve brought Madame Eve to life! She’s real to Kate and I! Maybe that's weird. But it’s pretty obvious by the sheer volume of stories, as well as huge author and reader fan base, she’s pretty real to most everyone else, too!

What do you think? Who and what do you picture when you read about Madame Eve? Leave a comment of your vision of Madame Eve and I’ll pick a random comment for a chance to win the first 1Night Stand ebook, To Feel Again, plus another 1NS of your choice. Hurry, I’m picking the winner on July 9th!

What else can you win, you ask? A Kindle Touch, an Amazon Gift card, a bag of goodies from Coffee Time more at each stop! But you have to follow the hop to win!


  1. Hmm, Madame Eve - gray hair in a bun, an hour glass figure, a very cheeky smile and an invisible halo!!

  2. Thanks for participating in the hop, Valerie, and for starting this series in the first place! To Feel Again was the second 1Night Stand I read. The first was Becca Dale's Erotic Healing.

    Since I lean more toward the sci-fi side, I see Madame Eve as pink light, very other worldly. Though I have no idea what she looks like when she possesses an Earthly body. :)

  3. Lets see, I see a woman in her 40's, short and petite with black hair, and with a very out there attitude.

  4. Woman in her 30's, shoulder length hair, lots of curls....

  5. I always picture Charlie in the voice box on Charlie's Angels. That, and Edna Mole. :) But I'm with Jessica--thanks for helping to create such a fun concept!

    becky at becky moore dot net

  6. I always picture a more mature woman in her late forties with black hair slicked back in a sexy bun.

    jlhmass at yahoo dot com

  7. I love this series!!! So glad you ladies came up with it! And part of the appeal is definitely Madame Eve's secrecy.

  8. I always picture that sweet old lady you see at the grocery store always chatting someones ear off. The one you think is totally innocent on the outside but little do you know that she sets people up from a desk in a hidden room in her huge Victorian home.


  9. I picture an older woman with a delicious smile, a huge heart, and a brillant manipulating mind where she can instantly read between the lines to know what someone is really looking for. Not a wimp like Mrs Santa Claus who only bakes cookies, or a shrill Jewish woman who gets paid, but a real sweetheart who has a loving partner yet doesnt lean on them for help in her quest of matchmaking.

  10. def an older lady, but still has incredibly good looks. I always see her with dark wavy hair & very red lips.

  11. Ah, that intriguing Madame Eve :) Great post Valerie.

  12. I see her as a beautiful woman who is in her 30's to 40's, sophisticate and very desireable!

  13. first thank you and Oliva and Kate!
    I always picture someone of gypsy linage, beautiful, of an undeterminable age, something a little magical about her, probably dark hair with red running through it.

  14. She LOOKS like she'd in her 40s, dark-hair, wears a lot of jewelry. She has a poodle and a male assistant named Jacques. However she's been around for a really long time and may even be a witch or vampire. Her heart was broken long ego and that's why she's driven to make the perfect match.

  15. I see a tall older woman (50ish) but beautiful, wordly,like Audrey Hepburn. Elegant, stylish and capable.

  16. I see a voluptuous woman with long dark hair. Very regal looking with an easy mischievous smile.

    Love this series!


  17. I see a 50 something, slightly heavier Audrey hepburn look a like. I think she's some kind of supe, probably a vamp.

  18. I see her as a 60ish classy Grandma in a business suit, with a bun, cute lil glasses.

  19. What a great giveaway, and how awesome that you were one of the first 3 writers in the series!

    Let's see, I think I envision her as looking to be in her 30s, immortal in some way and thus ageless, and has some sort of ability to tell when two people are made for each other, so she uses it to help people...sometimes I think I might even see her as like a gypsy crystal ball reader that sees couples and works to unite them LOL!


  20. God, no. No buns. No gray hair. No Mrs. Claus.

    She's a classy, ravishing, stylish Frenchwoman, all about love.

    Julia Ormond. Maybe Catherine Deneuve.

  21. Catherine Deneuve a la Belle Du Jour comes to mind.

    Geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

  22. Hi Valerie!

    Just stopping by to say hi to everyone on the blog hop. My thoughts on Madame Eve (just for fun don't include me in your contest ;)) Madame Eve feels real to me too. I see her as ageless- she could be 40 or 60, you just can't tell. I imagine her as tall and thin with black hair that's styled in a chic bob. Her dark eyes don't mess anything. Her voice is husky.

  23. Standing ovation for creating such an intriguing series! I LOVED writing my 1NS paranormal and adore all the variety this series has. It really has everything for every taste. :)

  24. She would be a stylish, sophisicated woman in her late 40s to early 50s with blackish hair (could have some some grey streaks or not for a dramatic effect) in a chignon.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  25. LOL I pictured her as a French lady, very posh but reserved. I absolutely love her and her customers!
    Thanks for being part of the hop!
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  26. I wonder if we will ever get her HEA 1NS story :)
    I picture her in her 30's very sophisticated but has a fun,cheeky side.

  27. Thanks to all of you for giving your vision of Evangeline. In case you're interested, she did blog for us one time:

  28. I totally see her like classy, queenly French Helen Mirren who keeps getting more beautiful and intriguing with time :)

    zeemonodee [at] hotmail [dot] com

  29. I picture a beautiful, older, mature woman who dresses and speaks well. I picture her as having her own one night stand and finding her true love, and wants to the same for the rest of the singles in the world. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway! I would love to know more about Madame Eve!


  30. Happy 2nd birthday to 1NS! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful series. I love that every author puts her own spin on it! Every one is on my TBR list. :)

  31. I'm thinking an older woman, maybe in her 40's to 50's. She stately and elegant with piercing eyes that see your wildest dreams.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  32. I think she knows, because she's been there. Perhaps she walked away from a proposal, and lost the only man she ever loved. Or maybe she said no when she should have said yes. Maybe she looking for him and her search discovered other lonely hearts online. I think she's tall, dark and in her 40's, and though she might have let him slip away once, once she finds him again, she'll never let him go.

  33. When I think of Madame Eve, I think of Audrey Hepburn. Stylish, elegant, smart, & strong.


  34. I imagine a Cruella DeVil persona without the evilness (i.e. minus the penchant for turning puppies into coats!). Jet black hair, tall and thin. Lightning strikes when she comes in the door. Love the series!

    sarashafer at rocketmail dot com

  35. I picture her a woman in her 30s to 40s with a classic beauty and sophisticated. Hair to mid back and light eyes.

  36. Madame has let me know that she appreciates the flattering visions you all have of her! Also, she said to tell you that if you are in need of her services, she'll give you a Blog Hop discount.

  37. I picture someone very classy, very intellectual, she enjoys bringing people together to create their own HEA. I would love to use her services :)


  38. I love Madame Eve's amazing power to knowing who matches who! To me she is like a classy, stylish, elegant lady. Like Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn. Maybe even with some Mae West and Anne Margret sensual aura. She know what each persons HEA should be.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  39. Thanks for creating the 1NS series and giving life to Madame Eve. I picture her as a mature woman who's seen it all but is not jaded...who is still a romantic at heart. She is at least in her 60s but still looks youthful and sexy and elegant (think like Sophia Loren). She's had many lovers in her life, and many men who have offered her the world (and their love), but her heart has belonged to only one man. She keeps his picture in a delicate French brooch that she wears always.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  40. I love these books and I am greatly hoping that one day there will be a book about her and her story of how she started this business....but anyways, when I picture Madame Eve, I immediately picture Helen Mirren, present day. She is mature and has seen it all, she is beautiful and sexy even with age, and something about Helen Mirren....she radiates confidence and girl power. I picture her every single time I think of Madame Eve. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Hmm, interesting question. Well, I imagine that she's perhaps in her 40s or 50s, very elegant and classy, intelligent, perhaps clairvoyant. She knows people and knows love.

    I think the 1NS series is fantastic! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


  42. I haven't read any of the 1NS books, but when I think of Madame Eve, a beautiful gypsy lady dressed in colorful scarves comes to mind. She would also have a big smile.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  43. I LOVED To Feel Again! It was quite wonderful! As I've said in other blog posts, I kinda have a 1Night Stand addiction, I refuse to talk about. Really. Hmmn...I have 96 of the 125 stories out you guys have a 12 step program for addicts like me? :D

    teresa dot miller at tigerblossom dot com

  44. Such a fun series, and I LOVE reading all these comments about M. Eve. Look what you ladies started. She certainly has some magical powers ... so I think she can be anyone she wants, and anywhere!

  45. I guess I picture Madame Eve as a beautiful woman, dressed in a sexy sort of business suit, sitting at her desk working to match people. Will Madame Eve maybe ever get a 1NS with a HEA of her own? That would be a great twist since she was once in love before.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  46. Since I haven't read any of the 1NS stories yet (hangs head I shame) based on what I do know. I picture a young gypsy woman. Like the kind you expect to see in a tent telling fortunes with her crystal ball. Thanks for the fun blog hop.

    Beckerjo at Verizon dot net

  47. Love you no more needs to be said :)

  48. Honestly, I think Madam Eve is a highly sophisticated computer program Val, Kate and Olivia have stashed somewhere while they work on their marketing plans to make eight gazillion dollars in a world so desperately need in sexy good love. 1NS is simply cover...and a damn fine one at that!

    Stephanie Beck

  49. I "met" 1NS for 1st time in this HOP, so it's hard for me to picture Madam Eve.

    I think a classy lady, but wild and daring at night. ;)
    Has a great intuition and understands psychology.

    Thank for wonderful HOP.

    Adila (from Azerbaijan)

  50. Having fun on the blog hop, even though I wasn't online for a few days so I am a late participant.

  51. I can see her as thin, but with some curves. I can picture blonde hair pulled back with a pen and some black framed glasses. Kind of like a sexy secretary? Sexy, but classy.

  52. I just learned of this series Friday due to this blog hop. So I can't say what I picture Madam Eve as. I think she reminds me of a witch, from what I've read on these blog hops. She would be wise and older, yet young, if that makes sense. Classy yet mysterious and has a bit of a wild side.

    I've had so much fun :)

  53. When i think of madame eve, i think a short, stout woman who stands tall. She has white/gray hair, a mischievous smile, and a sparkle in her eye. Sounds like a great story! Love the cover! Hot! :D Thank you so much for the giveaway and the awesome hop!

  54. When I think of Madame Eve, I just see this mysterious, cloaked woman, ageless, she could be 20, she could be 60, you can't quite tell. Her hair is an undefinable mix of red and black, with blonde streaks. She's about 5'6", but she has a "don't mess with me" aura that would make even the most hardened man fear her. She's got this little smile on her face, like she knows something you don't and nobody messes with her. Thanks so much for helping create this series and for participating in the hop!


  55. I think she is an immortal with special powers. I think she is smaller framed, dark hair and eyes. I would love to read a story about her one day. ;)
    Thank you for the great giveaway.
    Congrats to all of you ladies on your success so far!
    trb0917 at