Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Popping the Man Love Cherry

Welcome guest blogger, Liz Crowe!

When I wrote Turkish Delights, the first of my 1NS trilogy of stories, I created a secondary character I really loved.  Caleb Blessing is personal assistant to ElleKensington, the heroine of Turkish Delights, her long time friend as well.  He's a California boy, tall, blond, beautiful.  And gay.  And he literally sprang from my head fully formed that way.  Matthew Morrison will play him in the movie....

I never intended to jump into the very busy, very sexy and sometimes annoyingly trite "m/m" romance world ... not just yet.  

But when I think about how I create characters, I can honestly say nearly 90% of the time, they just create themselves and I translate them to paper..um...screen.  Turkish Delights was one of those stories that did the same thing.  I swear on a stack of malt sacks I woke up one morning and had the whole damn thing in my head, in a big knot of hot cougar action, ready to be shared.  So when Elle, a just-named CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, turned to talk to her PA--there he was in all his hunky, man-love glory: Caleb.

He is based on a real human.  My best bud in college and beyond is a gay man. He owns his own biz in a different state now, but he is my touchstone on so many things. He was my spouse's fraternity brother, we shared an apartment for 2 summers while in college, he planned and implemented my wedding, and were I to EVER require a personal assistant, it would be he.  

It's Caleb who convinces Elle to get off her ass and over to her 1Night Stand date...with Emre, the young man who is ready to confess his love over a veeeery steamy massage.  "Naughty massage boy" is a favorite theme of mine....but I digress.

If you are a fan already, you know I love to interweave my characters' stories.  So it seemed fairly natural the Caleb would be in love with Emre's twin brother Tarkan.  Their story is hot, but I'll tell you now...do NOT get too attached.  Without spoiling anything since today is my Big Release Day, I'll warn you:  bring the tissues.

Blue Cruise is my first m/m love story.  I plan to write more.  It's fun to research, via some of the better m/m authors out there.  I'm sure we all have our favs, but can I say right here and now you gotta get your hands on some of Lee Brazil's stories if you haven't already.  

I hope you enjoy it!  


Blue Cruise excerpt:

And, if you are comfy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this excerpt, but it's a hot one:

The boat trip had only been the two of them, to his pleasant surprise. In the powerful fancy speedboat, Tarkan had torn away from the shore, one hand on the wheel, the other in the air waving to the dockworkers. Caleb sat and watched the man’s body, covered only in khaki shorts and a tee shirt, and tried to will his cock down from its compromising position of extreme hard, bordering on agonizing. They cruised down the shoreline slowly. Tarkan pointed out various historical views and regaled Caleb with stories of growing up with a proud Turkish father and stubborn American mother. By the time they reached a spot about an hour down the coast and had pulled into a dock that looked to be an historical relic on its own, Caleb was drunk with lust.

Tarkan lead him up a steep grassy hill, dotted with the odd remnant of ancient temple or church or whatever, Caleb had no idea. History was not his thing. The man in front of him was though. He guided Caleb into what looked like a small, elegant restaurant on the outside but was obviously a private home. One table was set, in front of a blazing fire, for two. A few people appeared, poured wine, put some food down and disappeared. Caleb was nervous again. He wanted Tarkan so badly at that moment he didn’t think he could control himself. And he knew damn good and well Tarkan felt the same way.

Afiyet olsun.” Tarkan gestured to the food, which was a delicious simple meal of lamb, rice and fresh vegetables. Caleb stared at him, not sitting, not moving any closer. The room hummed with chemistry, electricity, and primal need.

“Are we alone?” he ground out. “Because if we aren’t we should be, and soon.”

He was thrilled to see Tarkan finally appear unsettled. The guy was one cool customer for certain. Calmer than anyone had a right to be. He glanced around, motioned with one hand, and the lights were dimmed, leaving the room lit by a single candle and the flickering flames in the grate. He took a step toward Caleb, ran a finger down his face, palmed his cheek. Caleb’s entire body broke out in a chill and if it were physiologically possible, his cock got even harder. “We should eat.”

“I’m not hungry,” Caleb growled and reached for him, yanking his face close, covering his lips with his own, hungry beyond imagining for the Turkish treat in his arms. They melded together, nearly identical in their six-foot-two-inch bodies, arms wound around each other, tongues colliding with passion. Caleb groaned into Tarkan’s mouth as the other man’s hands slid down his arms, around to his ass, and pressed their bulging groins together, grinding into him so hard Caleb nearly came in his shorts. He yanked his face away and stared into the dark-skinned man’s eyes.

“I am one pent-up guy, I have to warn you. I...oh, shit....”

Tarkan dropped to his knees and tugged Caleb’s zipper down in one fluid motion, releasing his throbbing cock to the air. “Lovely,” he murmured, before dipping his tongue into the weeping slit, licking his way around the edge of the head and finally swallowing Caleb’s shaft all the way down, pressing his nose into the curls at the base.

“Jesus, I...oh....” Caleb bit it back, cocked his hips and held onto Tarkan’s hair, fucking his lovely mouth like an animal, making noises he didn’t know he had in him. The man moaned, clutched his ass and deep-throated him, again and again, sucking and tugging until Caleb saw stars at the edge of his vision, felt the orgasm gathering at the base of his spine. “Baby, I’m gonna blow.” His voice was a whisper in the nearly dark room. “I can’t hold back.”

In response, Tarkan pulled his mouth off with a final bit of suction, stood, and yanked his own shorts down. He possessed Caleb’s mouth, sweeping his talented tongue in and through, owning him with his lips. Their erections pressed together, the hot, hard sex between them beautiful and urgent.

Liz Crowe

www.lizcrowe.com (currently under construction)
Thanks, Liz! So glad to have you spice up my blog! 

Leave a comment to win a free copy of Blue Cruise! And if you're really nice, I'll include a copy of Turkish Delights cuz Val loves it so much and wants to share!

And coming soon, Emre and Tarkan's sister, Lale's story ~ Tulip Princess


  1. Happy Release Day, Liz! That is one hot excerpt!

  2. thanks kids! and thanks Val ...for everything (not the least of which talking me off the ledge last night!)

  3. Whew! I need a cigarette! and I don't smoke but that excerpt does! Congrats on the release.

  4. Oh both of these are on my TBR! whoot!


  5. Wow, not usually much on m/m love, but that is one hot scene. Give me more.

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  6. Super congrats, Liz! It' s great to learn how you got the idea for your story. Very nice!

  7. Hey Liz...I did smoke a cigarette...damn woman...and I'll be honest, I don't read m/m that much.

    Congrats on the release.

  8. thanks kids! Caleb's story was fun, if a little tough, to write because I SO WANTED Tarkan to have a full story for himself...alas, it was not meant to be! thanks for the support and readership.