Thursday, September 9, 2010

Romance Writers Behaving Badly BLOG TOUR

Welcome to the Romance Writers Behaving Badly BLOG TOUR! You can start at the beginning, HERE, or maybe you found my blog via Sara Brookes' blog. Either way, have fun!

Autumn is my favorite season and with fall nipping at the heels of a really hot summer (at least here in North Carolina it was!), it's nice to contemplate cooler weather coming our way. Here in my neck of the woods, fall is the time for the State Fair and that southern passion, COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

I get to see lots of eye candy in my daily job since my boss is the team dentist for NC State's Football and Basketball, and it's not uncommon to see really tall, really BIG guys wandering the halls of my office. Now, it would be against the law for me to tell you who some of these fine, fit, handsome young men are, but in the interest of Fall Football inspiration, I'd like to share some pictures that remind me of the guys and our favorite autumn pastime called (American) Football. Maybe it will get YOU in the mood for some gridiron action, too!

Yeah, I know...wouldn't it
be nice to go to a football
game and see THIS on the

Damn those helmets and pads!

Oh, my! Somebody's hiding
something under that silly
old football!

I think a search-and-enjoy
mission is entirely in order!

Just to be fair to the readers
who enjoy the lovely female's some eye candy
for you!

And while this is good for laugh, I think
this NFL player, Troy Polamalu, has the
most gorgeous face and does weird things
to my writer's brain. So, laugh all you want,
but enjoy his beauty! Or, I'll do it for both of us!

Wow, that was fun! I hope you have some of your own this fall! Make time for yourself, enjoy the cooler weather, take in some sports (don't forget the essential TAILGATING prior to any fall sporting event!) and prepare to hunker down for Jack Frost (with a handy supply of romance books on your shelf or in your E-Reader to keep you warm). Speaking of books, one lucky commenter of my blog will receive an Amazon gift card and e-copy of my latest release, MILE HIGH CLUB!

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  1. Yeah! I'm so excited its football season again. Maybe my team will do better this year. Its good to find another woman who loves football.

    BTW I'm your newest follower.

    Come visit my blog if you get a chance.

  2. I also have a blog post brewing in mah brain about football. When something is as pervasive in a household as football is in ours, it behooves me to make it smexy, at least in my own mind. Many thanks for your assistance on this effort. :)

  3. Woo hoo! Football! Even though I can't stand the girl in the movie, I DO love 'The Replacements'. One of the funniest football movies (and Keanu.....).

    Funny thing is, even though my husband enjoys watching a game here and there, since he works a lot of Sundays I usually know more about what's going on that he does! Although, now that we've been cable-free for a year, that is likely not the rule anymore.

    Thanks for the eye candy, Valerie!
    Decadent Publishing

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year as well and I love watching football. First time I ever saw Polamalu play in a game, I couldn't stop staring at him for the whole game because his hair was just that fascinating to me... I know it's probably weird, but he's a memorable player to me now because of that:) Thanks for the other tasty pix!

  5. I can remember living in my college apt with 2 other girls like myself that couldn't stand sports and 1 that was the only girl in a house full of guys who had to watch every sport. We usually kicked her out of our apt to go to her friends'(now husband) place to watch. I did go to a couple of our college games to get the experience but didn't like freezing my finger/toes off to see little bitty guys running around the field.

  6. I'll admit it. I'm not into football. Or basket ball. Though I will say the pic of the female with the football could encourage me to change my mind. *grins*

  7. I love football and Fall is my favorite season.
    Troy Polamalu went to high school just 60 miles from where I live.

  8. I'm not much of football fan but I am a fan of football players. If you ever get bored with your job I'll trade with you.

  9. #Danielle - I'm following your blog now, too! Yay, let's have a mutual fan club !! I love new blogs!

    #Vivien - "smexy"?? OMG, that's my new word of the day! LUV it! (and my friends are so going to hate you for giving it to me!)

    #Everyone Else - I never said I was a fan of football...however, it's just such an integral part of fall and living in the south (man, they do love their college ball down here, said the Yankee from New York). Having said that, I do like going to college games after living in State College, PA and getting to see the Nittany Lions play. That really was fun!

  10. What an eclectic mix of pictures. :) the hell does he get all that hair under a helmet? LOL

  11. Hi Val, Great post and love the topic. Fall is the perfect season here and the dedication to football,though not quite as rabid as in some places,is pretty high. It has to be when people are in love with a team that just can not make it out of the playoffs. But oh some of those guys are really beautiful in a rough and rugged way. Thanks for the smile. Go Vikings!

  12. Aren't you a lucky girl, Valerie, all the hotties up close and personal coming to visit you.

  13. DO not follow football but it is time for the main state fair in Puyallup and I am going this week. Scones and deep fried twinkies.

    I too wondered how Troy gets a helmet to fit over his hair.

  14. Hi, we try to watch all the Iowa Hawkeye football games... Wow Troy has got some hair now dont he!!!


  15. Hey Valire!
    We've had football on at my house all day, but none of it compared to your football eye candy!!
    Thanks now everytime I watch football I'll be thinking of your hunks!!

  16. You are so right, those uniforms just get in the way. And although I prefer to gaze upon the male form, I can always appreciate beautiful female forms as well, and that was a nice selection. :)