Friday, February 12, 2010

5 STARS for HIDE & SEEK from TRS

What a great way to wake up! My author friend Rachel Brimble informed me I got a new review for Hide & Seek over at The Romance Studio and it was FIVE stars! See Valerie Mann do the snoopy dance! Ironically, I am starting the sequel to Hide & Seek today, tentatively titled Truth or Dare (thanks Becca Dale for the title help!). It will be the story of Nick's brother, Eric Barrantes and one of the female characters mentioned in H&S. With such a great review, I'm so motivated I can't wait to get started!

Excerpt of review: In the first few sentences, Kelly became as real to me as many of the nurses I have known in my own career. Her sharp wit, brutal honesty, and cynical attitude were delightful and refreshing. Nick is clearly drawn through Kelly’s eyes, and the sexual tension between them is immediate and scorching. The dialogue is quick-paced and realistic with a very funny intermingling of conversation and sex. The plot develops quickly, flows seamlessly, and I was pulled along with them as their tension reached the ignition point. The quick pace and humor of this tale made it mesmerizing. Read complete review HERE

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